Accident Research Competition

About the competition:

In our endeavor to create a scientific mindset amongst students and working professionals regarding in-depth scientific road traffic accident data collection and analysis, JP Research India Pvt. Ltd., with the kind support and co-operation of the RASSI Consortium, is organizing an “Accident Research Competition”. This competition is being conducted as a run up to the IRCOBI ASIA 2018 conference.
The objectives of this competition are:
• To provide students and working professionals exposure to the fields of accident investigation, in-depth accident data collection and analysis, and writing technical papers.
• To promote a data-driven approach for determination of road traffic safety issues and identification of cost –effective counter-measures.
The competition involves analyzing in-depth crash data of about 200 crashes on a particular stretch of roadway. The data for these crashes was collected through on-site crash investigations under the initiative of the Road Accident Sampling System – India (RASSI) consortium. Participants have to analyze this data, determine road traffic safety issues and suggest solutions to reduce accidents and mitigate injuries on this stretch of highway. A data-driven approach will help quantify the problem and the expected benefits of the suggestions. The suggestions can be related to driver issues, vehicle safety or road engineering and infrastructure safety. Shortlisted papers and winners will win cool prizes!!!

Eligibility Criteria:

The competition is open to all who are interested in accident research and data analysis. Participants can participate individually or as groups/teams of not more than 3 individuals.

How to participate:

Step 1: Click on the registration link, complete the registration form and submit. REGISTRATION OPEN: 23rd OCTOBER 2017

On receiving your registration, our review committee will verify the details provided and, after successful verification, the registrant will receive a registration number and a link to download the in-depth crash data by email. The verification process may take up to 48 hours.

Step 2: On receiving the dataset, start studying the data. We recommend that you first go through the Help Manual that describes each variable and its interpretation. Data analysis tools, such as MS Excel, MS Access, SPSS, Minitab, R, SAS, etc. can be used. There is no restriction on the specific tool used.
To provide support to participants in clearing doubts and resolving issues, the technical review committee will conduct online WebEx sessions to discuss the dataset and also provide any answers to your queries. These sessions will be conducted on 30th October, 15th November and 2nd December 2017.

Download here the presentations of the sessions:
1st informative webinar session presentation, 30th October 2017

Step 3: After completing the analysis, the participant has to decide on a topic and write a technical paper as per the IRCOBI Short Paper Template.
The technical paper should be completed and submitted by email to

Step 4: The submitted paper will be reviewed by a technical review committee, who will shortlist papers to be presented at the IRCOBI Asia 2018 Conference. These shortlisted papers will be announced on the IRCOBI Asia Webpage.

Step 5: Authors of the selected papers need to prepare a presentation of not more than 10 minutes (10 to 15 slides). These authors will be invited to present their technical paper at the IRCOBI ASIA 2018 Conference in L&T LDA, Lonavala (25-27 April 2018). The first author of selected papers will receive free registration to attend the IRCOBI ASIA 2018 Conference.

Data Usage Guidelines

Please note that the dataset provided for this competition is solely for the purpose of this competition. The dataset is a small subset of the RASSI database and may not be a representative sample of all the crashes occurring on that roadway. The dataset should not be used, cited or referred to in any other research/data analysis work, apart from this competition.


We are grateful to the RASSI Consortium ( for providing the dataset for this competition.

Contact Information:

For any further information, please feel free to contact